Serbia:77MEUR HPP Bajina Basta modernization cycle completed, Andritz hydro as PM

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In HPP “Bajina Basta” in the past four years was invested 77 MEUR, it was replaced 1,200 tons of equipment, and power was increased for another power plant.

In the bowels of Hydro Power Plant “Bajina Basta” in Perucac on the turbine elevation number 223 new huge turbine, of bright red color, on the fourth just renovated aggregate works like a clock. Moving by the water from the lake, which comes by pipeline of diameter 5.3 meters, without noise spins and produces electricity. Besides, 450 tons of heavy aggregates is rotated, which was put into test run two weeks ago.

Everything goes, as they explain here, without significant problems. Constant work monitoring shows that the reconstruction of this fourth machine was successful, and all was done by modern European technology, on time and within the planned budget.

Indeed, this multi-year attempt is the pride of our electric power industry. During four years all four aggregates of this hydro power plant were restored with investment of 77 MEUR, including “Djerdap” the largest one in the EPS system. Its outdated and obsolete equipment was replaced with new or completely renovated, lifetime of the power plant was extended for three decades, and its power was increased for 52 megawatts, which is practically equal to the construction of one new hydro power plant.

– In the past four years, from 1st June of 2009, about 1,200 tons of equipment was dismantled and then rehabilitated or built here. Of these, four new modern turbines manufactured in German Ravensburg were built in, as well as new generators from the factory in Weiz in Austria. All four transformers units, each with 110 ton, were replaced by new ones. Complete high-voltage equipment is new, as well as management (automatics). The conductive blades, turbine covers and shafts, rotors for all four turbines were renewed. By this it is provided long-term work of plant without any problem, which contributes to the reliability and stability of the power system of Serbia – concludes engineer Milisav Milosavljevic, as site head of the plant.

The contractor of this extensive work was Austrian company “Andric hydro”. As subcontractors on the business management system, transformers making, disassembly and assembly of equipment and other, also successfully worked local companies: Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, “ABS Minel Transformers”, “Gosa”, “Sever”, and companies from Bajina Basta. In the biggest part, work was financed by EPS funds, but also from the favorable loan of the German KFW bank of 30 MEUR. German creditor, satisfied by what they saw, praised this project as an extraordinary for the Serbian opportunities in which everything goes according to the agreements, deadlines and on the provided quality.

Director of the Economy company “Drina -Lim hydropower plant” Miodrag Citakovic emphasizes that the effects of this plant regeneration are already visible through greater electricity production, and that in the first half of this year it was achieved the largest semi-annual production in the last decade. And with three workable units, since then the fourth was restored (now in test run).

And when one month trial work of the recently renovated machine would pass and all rebuilt would be in the full operation, the official transfer will be done. The celebration ceremony of the HPP “Bajina Basta” complete renovation is planned for mid-September at Perucac, in the presence of high-ranking state officials.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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