Serbia: 72MEUR Revitalization of unit TENT A3 in accordance with term plan

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During August, the second month since starting of work on the revitalization of the unit TENT A3, all planned activities proceeded by planned dynamics and with strict adherence to set deadlines, confirming not only that it was made a good choice of the companies in the works, but also that one such complex project is expertly led thanks to the experience gained on similar jobs in previous years, said Mihailo Nikolic, director of the revitalization project of unit A3, at a meeting of the SC TENT ( subsidiary company) management and contractors at the end of August.

Within the report on the activities in August, submitted by leaders of LOT’s on this project, it was noted that during this period it was recorded an insignificant number of injuries (three visits to the clinic and some easy injures), which is ten times less than in previous repairs. This confirms that necessary measures for increased safety and workers protection are applied at the site like this, with a very complex business. And financial obligations, it is said, follow the established work dynamics. Of the total value of signed contracts, which amounts to more than 72 MEUR, more than 43 MEUR has been paid so far. By the end of 2014th, it remained to be paid a bit more than 20 MEUR, while more than 8.5 million will be settled in 2015th.

During this period, it have been carried out the preparatory works for the start of the second phase of dismantling corset generator (LOT 3), among others, it was dismantled the transmission cable and fitted protective scaffolding over the transformers unit, and it was completely liberated the generator stator from turbo machinery and auxiliary installations. The carrying steel bridge for stator lifting and separation of the outer generator casing was fitted inside the engine room. It is also mounted the mobile platform for awareness and translational displacement of existing and new corset, which was transferred to the unloading site until the transformer unit “A3”.

The repair beginning, within insulation works, so far have been done removal of 16,843 square meters of insulation, which is 84.64 percent of total contracted quantity of work. Within the repair work, a total of installed 17,500 square meters of scaffolding, which is 28 percent of the total contracted amount.

In the upcoming period, among other things, it has been planned the stator raising and division of three-part outer casing, raising new corsets to elevation of nine meters in the machine hall and its assembly with the existing components of the outer stator housing.