Serbia: CWP to build 450 MW wind farm

, SEE Energy News

The documentation for the preparation of the spatial plan of the special-purpose area for the construction of the Vetrogon wind farm has been put up for public debate.

The Vetrogon wind project is developed by the company CWP. The wind farm will be located in the territory of Becej and Srbobran municipalities in Vojvodina province. The plan envisages the installation of 55 to 75 wind turbines, with a power output no less than 5 MW each. The combined installed capacity will be around 450 MW, making it the largest wind farm in Serbia.

CWP announced that the investment in the project will be around 600 million euros. The construction should start in 2025, with planned commissioning in 2028 and an estimated annual electricity generation of 1.1 TWh.

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