Serbia: Energy ministry boost RES power gen, 49 small hydropower plants

8. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Ministry of Energy and municipality Ivanjica signed memorandums with 28 local and foreign investors for the construction of 49 small hydro power plants.

After signing the agreement in Ivanjica, minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic, said that the construction of these small hydro power plants would enable opening near 100 new job positions in the municipality Ivanjica.
She added that local government in Ivanjica would have annual income of 1,6 million dinars thanks to charge for water use.

According to her, by signing the agreement starts realization of national action plan for renewable energy sources, according to which until 2020.year Serbia should get 1.000 megawatts for energy production from renewable sources.

Mihajlovic stated that the ministry recommended to local governments to enter in public – private partnership with investors wherever possible. In that way, she added, municipalities would be involved in the management of small hydro power plants, but also in the profit sharing.
Mihajlovic said that for month and a half will be announced new public call for appropriation of energy permits and agreement for construction of small hydro power plant.

Mayor of municipality Ivanjica, Milomir Zoric expressed his expectation that Ivanjica soon would become one big construction site.

Zoric added that municipality Ivanjica is rich in renewable energy resources, especially with water and forests and expressed his expectation that all resources would be used.

Memorandums of 11 small hydro power plants construction will be also signed today with 9 investors in Arije.

The Ministry of Energy announced on 19. February 2013. public call for application of agreements and energy premises for small hydro power plants construction on 317 locations in Serbia in 17 municipalities and cities.

For public call were applied 173 local and foreign investors, who have submitted a total of 1.464 applications.

The Ministry verified final list of potential investors for a total of 212 locations on 24. june 2013, and tripe memorandum will be signed with 90 investors, of which 64 are domestic companies and citizens of Serbia.
AF: Opening of new job positions
Zorana Mihajlovic said today that construction of small hydro power plants in Arilje would bring new job positions, but also “fusion” near 800 thousand dinars in the municipality’s budget, based on water charge.
“There must be constant communication and good relations between state, local government and investors, in the way that no one suffers .Investors should have all conditions to do their work and local government to get what belongs to her from water charges”, said Mihajlovic. Besides it is known for raspberries and cotton production, maybe Arilje will become known for electricity production from renewable resources, said minister.

Source;MERZ/Serbia Energy

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