Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 18/2014

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Serbia exclusive: EPS Supply Co ready for competition, EPS Supply CEO on power market development

The electricity market liberalization in Serbia could go in the third final phase already from the middle of the year if the National Assembly of Serbia adopts a new energy law as it has been proposed.

Serbia exclusive: Privatization of Power utility company, scenarios and benefits, the analysis

Possible privatization of Serbia Power Utility Company EPS would provide short-term “lank” financial benefit for the budget, while at the same time would bring great risks. The risks are – the risk of a gradual EPS

Serbia exclusive: Energy projects at the beginning – HPPs “Middle Drina” and HPPs “Upper Drina”

“Power Utility Company of Republika Srpska ERS” and “Serbia Power Utility Company EPS” concluded in September 2010th an agreement on a joint draft of the feasibility study for HPPs “Middle Drina

Serbia: The electricity stock exchange by the end of the year

Ministry of Energy announces that by the end of the year Elektromreza Serbia should open the electricity stock exchange in cooperation with the French company “Epex spot.”

Serbia: Evaluation of electricity market liberalization by Ministry of Energy

For Ministry of Energy the market opening was one of the key issues in the past and this year, and according to Dejan Trifunovic, Deputy Minister of Energy, Development and the Environment Protection

Serbia: Power utility company EPS wants to be a strong player in the region of SEE

By July 1st, EPS should open up the market for small customers, as it has been already done in the medium and high voltage. The company’s goal is to become an important factor in the production

Serbia: Electricity market, About 40% of the market in Serbia free

According to EPS Supply, 56 percent of the electricity will be on the public supply during 2014th, for their own use EPS will spend five percent, distribution losses will be 13 percent and three per cent on the network.

Serbia: EFT electricity trader will not participate actively on retail market, Stock exchanges help markets development

Marko Cokorilo from the company EFT AG said that the company would not include in the Serbian retail electricity market this year and could not even say whether it would happen in 2015th . Speaking

Serbia: Electricity market, Many retailers – small benefits for the consumers

From 1stJuly citizens will be able to choose from whom they will buy electricity, but this option will change nothing, because state owned power utility company EPS has the cheapest price. From 1st July

Serbia: Reserve supply expensive, gov consumers failed to comply with procurement cycle

So far,more than a thousand consumers have not chosen a supplier of electricity yet and therefore they pay for electricity 35 percent more, being on a reserve supply in Serbia power utility company EPS.

Serbia: Power utility company EPS expects dominant position in power market

After the third phase of the electricity market liberalization, which could begin in Serbia from 1st July this year, the citizens will probably keep power company EPS as a supplier, because it is not profitable

Serbia: EPS is ready to compete with power market actors says EPS Board Chairman

The opening of the electricity market brings big changes to Serbia Power Utility Company EPS, especially as at the same time form the public company status should go into a joint stock company