Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 6/2014

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Serbia: 70MEUR for major overhaul in the Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A”

Minister of Energy, Development and the Environment Protection, prof. dr Zorana Mihajlovic, confirmed plans of the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A “in Obrenovac, where preparations for repair of unit A3 are underway, in which will be invested over 70 MEUR.

Serbia exclusive: Bidders for new TPP Kolubara 2 and TENT B3, China vs others, report

The development of electric power system is a key link in the development of the entire electric power system of Serbia and about nine billion EUR should be invested in this area by 2030th, according to the new Energy Development Strategy Draft.

Serbia: Public campaign for market liberalization, consumers are informed but not prepared

The public sector should be better informed than others on new legal obligations. Customers can unite in purchasing, because they will have better conditions for a bigger amount and it would be good if the founder organized them.

Serbia: Max production in power gen facilities made electricity for exports and financing for overhauls

Maximum production in 2013 made the surplus of electricity compared to the domestic need for the final customers. In addition to the financial income, which was realized through the sale on the open market,

Serbia: Increase of regulated electricity price will boost market

It is planned, within three years, for the regulated price to reach a level that provides an appropriate profit and a real possibility of investing.

Serbia: Choice of electricity supplier by 1st March or disconnection from the network

So far, 70 percent of customers have signed contracts for the electricity supply, while others, if they do not do the same by 1st March, are at risk of disconnection from the network.

Serbia: EPS Hydrology report, HPPs production impacts on electricity sales

Extremely big inflows were not entirely used for the electricity production. During the spring there were a lot of discharges which protected the bank zones from the floods.

Serbia: Energy law prescribes the velocity of the market liberalization

Energy law is clear, the dynamics of the market opening is precisely prescribed, all the bylaws acts are passed and the customers know for a long time that they have to go in the open market.

Serbia: Coal mining and impact on TPP production output in TENT and Kostolac TPPs

With the known problems regarding the expropriation in MB “Kolubara” and significant delay in relocation of the cemetery in Vreoci, while planning the coal production

Serbia mining: Copper company Bor attracts interest, privatization on sight?

Foreign investors, who come to Serbia today, only ask for the possibility of privatization of ” Mining Smelter Basin (MSB) “Bor”, says Dr. Boris Dragovic Chairman of the MSB Bor , who is also chief of cabinet of Lazar Krstic, the Minister of Finance.

Serbia: 2013 electricity production report from thermal and hydro power gen plants, the report

The maximum production of electricity in 2013 is the result of great availability of the units, reduced planned and unplanned deadlocks, as well as favorable weather conditions in the first half of the year .

Serbia: Warm weather alleviated the electricity consumption in 2013, Free sale increased, the report from state energy company

The past year was 1.8 degrees warmer than the average which is why the sale to the final customers was 2 percent lower than the planned, and the export was at the highest level since the beginning of this century. – Good hydrology in the first half of 2013

Serbia exclusive: Electricity market liberalization and market share of EPS, impact on big consumers, the report

Some customers were not timely informed and some missed to initiate public procurement procedure on time. The most important thing for market functioning is readiness of the operators of the transmission and distribution system say in state energy company EPS.

Serbia: Smart metters tender still on hold, The new meters would reduce bills, the report

Free-range rude electric meters, that we have now,  do not steal from consumers, but large thefts would be prevented with new devices, say experts. Aleksandar Obradovic, acting Director General of Serbia Power Utility Company,

Serbia: TPP Kostolac, Public procurement under the new law

In “Thermal Power Plants and Mines Kostolac” when it comes to procurement, particularly in the Department of Commercial Affairs, the year 2013 was marked by the beginning of the implementation of the new Law on Public Procurement.

Serbia: Italy MK Fintel Wind gets permission for 30MW

In Veliko Gradiste wind farms are coming, which will be financed by the Italian-Serbian company for renewable energy, “MK Fintel Wind”. The company “MK Fintel Wind” won permission by Serbian government for the wind farm of total capacity of 30 MW in December

Serbia mining, report: Is Bor golden goose or election duck: copper and gold for 18 billion dollars

Although it looks like a pre-election story, deposits of gold and copper in the vicinity of Bor are real, confirmed reports of American and Canadian mining corporation Freeport-McMoRan and Reservoir Minerals

Serbia: EPS power gen facilities achieved the record production, but did not achieve the annual plans, overhauls needed

Even though the thermal power plants of EPS achieved the maximum production and PE “TPP-KO Kostolac” the record production of 6.47 billion kWh as well, they did not reach the annual plans by the balance for 2013, and that is 1.4 percent.

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