Serbia: EPS HPP Djerdap 1 modernization of A4 completed and synchronized, Russian contractor delays next unit overhaul

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After detailed investigation of transceiver and equipment control, and after continuous work on the network within 72 hours by nominal power, the revitalized aggregate number 4 in HPP “Djerdap 1” was put into operation and synchronized.

As said Ljubisa Jokic, director of the first Danube HPP, revitalization of the aggregate num. 4 started on 1st July 2011, and the completion of this huge and demanding job was delayed due to the delays in equipment delivery from Russian partner. Precisely, the equipment assembly started at the beginning of January in 2013, so with delay of ten months. Then continued unplanned correction of shaft line and shaft ending, which extended work for additional two months, so on 20th August during the transceiver investigations were noted huge aggregate vibrations within backlash. This problem solution took one more month. Besides that, during the transceiver investigation was verified great quality level of done, such as repair and installation works, which indicates the assessment that aggregate will operate safely and fiducially. Also power of this aggregate was increased for 10 percent, and working life was extended for some 30 years.

Otherwise, during the A4 revitalization, and previously of A6, was ascertained that the work size of one aggregate repair was much bigger than expected and determined in the contract with Russian partner. According Jokic, this also confirmed Russian experts by assessing that the realistic and optimal deadline for the one aggregate repair was 14 months.

The continuation of HPP “Djerdap 1” revitalization, precisely the 2 phase, which includes repair of A5, was delayed for 1st November, on request of Russian partner.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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