Serbia, EPS seeks the help of experts and scientists in the energy transition

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An Expert and Scientific Council will be established in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, the Acting Director of that public company decided, Miroslav Tomašević. In the information published on the official website, it is stated that cooperation between the profession and science at the time of the energy transition, and especially at the time of the current biggest energy crisis, is very necessary for the entire power sector, and especially for the Electric Power Company of Serbia.

The work of those two bodies is the basis for a tighter connection between profession and science, as well as for the application of innovative solutions, which is very important for the strategic development of EPS, says EPS.

The expert council is a permanent advisory body of the EPS director that considers the justification and acceptability of studies, projects, investment-technical documentation.

The permanent members are the executive directors of EPS, assistants and advisors of the director, and other employees of that company, as well as those who are not employed “and with their highly specialized knowledge, experience, professional authority and recognized results, can be associated in the best possible way”, to contribute to the achievement of business goals”.

The Scientific Council of EPS will consider and propose the application of modern scientific achievements for intensive and dynamic development of the company in order to achieve the conditions for increasing the share of renewable sources in the energy portfolio of EPS and the realization of the energy development strategy.

“In this council, there will be employees who have acquired or are acquiring scientific titles in scientific institutions, as well as experts who do not work in EPS, but who, with their knowledge and scientific results in institutions of national significance, scientific institutes and higher education institutions, can contribute to the creation and realization programs and plans for the development and achievement of the strategic goals of the EPS”, the information states, Euronews reports.