Serbia: EU invested 500MEUR in TPPs environment improvements & TSO cross border grid upgrade

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European Union has invested some €555 million in Serbian energy sector mainly in modernization of coal fired thermal power plants Nikola Tesla TENT.

Main priorities of the EU support in Serbian energy sector concern support to the alignment of national legislation with EU acquis in the area of energy, investments in environmental improvements, institution strengthening, strengthening the capacity of the transmission systems (electricity and gas sector), support for feasibility studies to prepare investments (working with IFIs) confirmed the EU delegation in statement to Serbia Energy magazine.

About € 555 million of EU assistance has been allocated to Energy sector until now, in CARDS & IPA budget years:

2000-2001, total €210.1 million

Emergency Assistance Programme (supply of heavy oil and diesel to TPP and municipalities, electricity imports, spare parts)

Projects in coal mines, electricity generation sector and electricity transmission and distribution

2002 total €70.8 million

Major rehabilitation and overhaul of thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A3

Spare parts for EPS and Feasibility study for Tamnava west field

TA and Feasibility Study to Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency

Establishment and operation of Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency

2003 total €70.8 million

Major rehabilitation and overhaul of thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A5 and additional works on A3

EPS Institutional Building, Environmental Management System and Maintenance Management for EPS

Several studies for Serbian Energy sector

2004 total €39.23 million

Grant Fund for Serbian Energy Regulatory Agency

New Ash Disposal System, Nikola Tesla B Thermal Power Plant

Electrostatic Precipitator Improvement at TPP Kostolac A

Assistance in Establishing Electricity Market

2005 total €26.51 million

Modernisation of District Heating in five Serbian cities

Several studies for energy sector

2006 total €31.5 million

Construction of 400kV Overhead Transmission Line Nis-Leskovac-FYROM border

Technical Assistance to Elektromreza Srbije and Serbian Energy Regulatory Agency European Union Republic of Serbia

2007 total €17.58 million

Retrofit of the electrostatic precipitators in thermal power plant NIKOLA TESLA units A6 and B2

Further Assistance to Energy Regulatory Agency, Elektromreza Srbije and Srbijagas

Feasibility Studies for Electricity Transmission Cross Border Investments

2008 total €11.13 million

Rehabilitation of electrostatic precipitator in TP Nikola Tesla, unit B1

Equipment for continuous air emissions measurement at EPS – TENT