Serbia: EU requests urgent unbundling gas market and activities in Srbijagas

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Srbijagas and Jugorosgas urgently need to separate the activities of transmission and gas sales , said on Monday the deputy director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Dirk Buschle .

He stated that the deadline for the unbundling in gas companies in Serbia expired even in 2006th and added that in the Srbijagas should have been made legal separation, and in Jugorosgas functional separation.

“Companies must do it as soon as possible”, said Buschle.

The formal procedure is underway, he added, stressing that the Energy Community Secretariat gave to the Serbian government two months deadline to respond, which expires in mid-December.

“We will see whether they remove this violation of the Energy Community rules, or they will provide new information”, said Buschle.

According to him, members of the Energy Community are now at the beginning of the implementation of the Third EU Energy Package which puts up unbundling in the energy sector at a higher level.

Source; Serbia Energy

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