Serbia, Expansion of the open-pit coalmine Field G within the Kolubara mining basin

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Serbian state-owned power utility EPS and the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed that the company submitted a request to determine the scope and content of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study for the expansion of the open-pit coalmine Field G within the Kolubara mining basin.

In view of the growth in electricity consumption, in order to maintain the stability of the electricity system, it is necessary to work in a timely manner to ensure the conditions for opening replacement capacities for the existing coal mines.

Kolubara mining basin is in a delicate situation because some open-pit mines are nearing the end of exploitation, others are not able to realize the projected annual production of coal, and the preparatory activities for the opening of replacement capacities are quite late.

The main project for Field G coalmine was carried out in 2014 and according to it, the total amount of coal to be excavated is about 35 million tons.

The projected annual coal production is 5 million tons (replacement capacity for the decommissioned Veliki Crljeni mine) and coal production started at the end of 2017.

By the end of 2021, about 21.9 million tons of coal have been excavated, which means that there is still around 13 million tons left. With the projected production, the mine would be depleted next year, but, considering the increased needs, an area for expansion to the east and southeast has been identified.

In that area, about 6 million tons of coal could be excavated, as well as the possibility of expansion to the west, where additional 1.7 million tons of coal could be excavated. With projected production, this means that the operational life of the mine would be extended by about 1.5 years.

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