Serbia: GazpromNeft expands to electricity production and wholesale

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We expect that the construction of the thermal power plant in Pancevo starts already in mid-2016,said General Director of GazpromNeft NIS –Kiril Kravcenko.

It is a greenfield investment, which means we’re going to build a completely new plant. This will provide additional employment of highly qualified experts in Serbia.

He said that approved value of the first phase of investment is estimated at 140 million euros, and adding that the capacity of the thermal power plant will be 140 megawatts or electricity for 160,000 households.

Kravcenko pointed out that there is a possibility of increasing in capacity in the second phase, if “Azotara” shows interest and in that case it would mean an additional 183 million euros of investment and capacity TE-TO of 208 megawatts. , transmits

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