Serbia gets new 350MW power gen with Chinese loan and contractors

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Director of TPPs and mines “Kostolac”, Dragan Jovanovic, stated that contract with Chinese partners is expected to be signed for construction of new production 350MW unit.

“We are currently harmonizing technical specifications and making the final version of the Performance Study, so we should have prepared all the necessary documentation for making the loan contract”, Jovanovic explained.

Jovanovic reminded that the first phase of arrangement with the Chinese included revitalization of two existing units of TPP “Kostolac B” with construction of railway, system for desulphurization and docks and the third block in this plant should be constructed in the second phase.

According to his words, the guaranty in Serbian budget for getting a new tranche of Chinese Eksim Bank is planned to be 609 million dollars.

“I believe that EPS will use this because this is a good chance to construct the first serious energy capacity in EPS in Serbia after 20 years”, Jovanovic stressed.

If everything goes as it was planned, the third block in TPP “Kostolac B” could be finished in 2019 and to launch electricity production in 2020- he added.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS