Serbia: Gov will follow EU recommendations on Srbijagas restructuring?

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Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Aleksandar Antic has expressed confidence that the government would soon consider Srbijagas restructuring plan.

“We really have done a lot. We agreed on an action plan for Srbijagas restructuring with Energy Community, which with clear dynamic includes measures that are in accordance with the second and third package (energy) of the EU directives”, said Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy, he said, sent that plan to the procedure in the Government, so he believes that it will consider it very fast.
Antic said that the energy sector received a positive rating in yesterday published report of the European Commission on Serbia’s progress towards European integration, but several items need to be addressed, including restructuring of the state gas company Srbijagas.

The Minister said that the European Commission in the report related with the South Stream pipeline primarily called Serbia to comply the legislative project part with the directives of the EU.

“In my opinion it is important that our part of the contract (on the South Stream) is better than many EU member states, which are part of the project”, he said.

Antic said that South Stream was a political issue and pointed out that Serbia maintained its opinion that it was a European project, because six EU member states participated in it.

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