Serbia: HPP Djerdap production results for 1/2Q 2013

7. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The “HPP Djerdap” company completed successfully first seven months of this year. To the EPS electro energy system supplied in total 4, 904 billon kilowatt- hours, which is one percent more of dynamic plan for this period. It is important that the realized productive result from the beginning of January to the end of July is 69 percent of total annual production plan of this EPS holding company. That means that members of this EC, HPP “Djerdap 1”, HPP “Djerdap 2”, “Vlasina HPP” and HPP “Pirot”, completed monthly plans by average of 10 percent of annual duties.

“The most worth” for realized balance is HPP “Djerdap 1”, the biggest HPP in Serbia and backbone of this economy company. For seven months it overthrew dynamic plan for two percent, that is, instead of planned 3, 768 billion kilowatt- hours produced 3, 838 Kwh. Thus, this year it realized 72 percent of annual plan much earlier than last year.

The less powerful productive results has “Djerdap 2”, the only one within EC “HPP Djerdap” that did not realize planed duties for this year. This hydro power plant was during last, extremely dry year, the only one in Serbia and region that succeeded to realize and even to overthrow planned duties. During this, extremely hydrological rich year, it was obligated to work for a good deal of time with less fall, which negatively reflected on productive results. For the seven months, instead of planned billion kWh, it produced only 992 million kWh, namely it failed in dynamic plan realization for almost eight percent.

The two picks hydro power plants within EC “HPP Djerdap” overthrew planned duties for the first seven months. “Vlasina HPP” overthrew its planned duties for 25 percent, after produced 88 instead of planned 70 million kWh. The best productive result has HPP “Pirot”, which its annual plan of 52 million kWh completed even on 18. June. By the end of July it produced in total of 57 million kWh. It is especially important that both these picks hydro power plants within EC “HPP Djerdap” currently dispose by good over plan water reserves.

Unfortunately, the Danube run- of – river HPP currently are below their productive possibilities and planned duties. Inflow on the Danube brashly decreased at the end of July from six thousands to only 2.900 cubic meters per second and reduced production in the both power plants. These days HPP “Djerdap 1” daily produces about 9, 5 million kWh, or 15 percent less than it was planned, and HPP “Djerdap 2”, instead of 3, 5 daily produces 3, 2 million kilowatt- hours.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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