Serbia: HPP”Djerdap 1″ produced 8,5 percent more electricity than planned in 2014

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Hydropower plant “Djerdap 1” delivered to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia in the first quarter of this year 1.30064 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, or 8.5 percent more than planned for that period. Good production results are due to the influence of favorable weather conditions and the maximum readiness of the units.

In March, hydropower plant in Kladovo area fulfilled monthly production plan of electricity and delivered to EPS 500 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

“Plan for March was 499 million kilowatt hours and we fulfilled it. Inflow of water for this period is very small, and currently we have a flow of 5,000 cubic meters of water per second, with a tendency to fall,” says the director of “Djerdap 1”, Ljubisa Jokic.

According to him, a drought period is on its way, so we are not sure how it will affect the production.

“The most important is that the hydro- aggregates are ready and can accommodate all the water which is coming,” he added.

Source; Serbia Energy