Serbia: Overhauls TPP Kostolac project, Disassembly of boiler and electrical filters as planned, status report

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Thermal power plant “Kostolac B” is a great work site, where are more than 600 workers, contractors, and most representatives of Chinese company CMEC and their subcontractors from Serbia. They are working with a maximum capacity on disassembling of old equipment in machinery hall, boiler’s and electro filter’s facility.

At the same time freight trucks arrives with equipment from China and at the storage property is already working on its assembly. We spoke to the director of “Kostolac B”, Dragan Zivic, who brought us close to the activities that took place in this strategically very important work. “Activities on-site in past 27 days are aimed at dismantling of existing equipment and according to the plan all works were within the planned terms”,  Dragan Zivic said.

The plan we drew up together with Chinese companies that were located on the site. Besides the Chinese company CMEC and their subcontractors, “Dalian” and “Đansuin” Chinese partners engaged and Serbian companies. Currently the disassembly of the boiler’s and electro filter’s facilities is in process.  The disassembly of a significant part of the mechanical construction is finished, construction works of demolition, and later as well, construction of a new panel under electro filter’s facility. At the boiler’s facility walling is removed, and currently they are working on removing of the chamotte walling in all eight recycling mills. This work was planned to last for thirty days but it was done in 18 days, which is highly commendable. Practically now we go ahead of planned works and term plan. Currently the intensive works of Chinese constructors on disassembly of the piping system are performing and you saw that on this job we are working very intensively. This is a nonstop 24 hours of work without stopping, Zivic stressed.

All planned works on turbo generator facility are completed in time, starting from the turbine medium, low and high pressure and the equipment has been sent to “Alstom” in Poland for the reconstruction. According to Mr. Zivic, in the meantime works on the replacement of the heater, the fixing of condenser will start and there will be modified a large amount of pipes. At the moment or in the close future will be announced public procurement for other positions. – These jobs we expect having finished exactly in time schedule, because I think we have applied the good quality organization of the entire business, said Dragan Zivic. The equipment which should be installed arrives and is currently stored 1,600 tons of equipment. The equipment arrives by ships from China to Constanta, and hence also by ships arrives to the port of Pancevo, and after by freight trucks is delivering to Kostolac. So far, there has been more than 130 trucks of equipment, said Zivic.

Source; Serbia Energy

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