Serbia, Hungary, Romania: NIS and OMV Petrom achieved better results in 2015 than INA MOL

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The comparison of regional integrated oil and gas companies shows that, last year, Gazprom owned Oil Industry of Serbia NIS achieved better results than INA MOL and OMV Petrom.

According to two of the three key indicators, Ina significantly lags behind its regional competition.

NIS is the only one among the observed companies which managed to achieve net profit last year and which achieved a 4 percent return on equity (RoE) for its shareholders. On the other hand, OMV Petrom and Ina achieved a negative RoE amounting to 1.7 i.e. as much as 7.0 percent.

When it comes to the operating income, as expected, OMV Petrom is the best with the last year’s operating income of 4.1 billion euros; Ina comes after it, having achieved an income of 2.6 billion euros, whereas NIS had somewhat more than 2.5 billion.

Capital investments are a very important indicator in the oil and gas sector because timely investments can ensure average margins and a strong cash flow in future periods. This particularly refers to the upstream segment. Among the observed companies, OMV Petrom and NIS have realized the biggest capital investments observed with respect to the total sales. On the average, they allocated up to 20 percent of sales to investments whereas, in the case of Ina, this percentage is much smaller – from 4 to 8 percent, transmits