Serbia: Increased electricity production in hydropower plants during August

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Electricity generation in Serbian state-owned power utility EPS’ HPPs increased significantly this August with 805.8 GWh of produced electricity, 33 % more than in a previous year. HPP Djerdap complex produced 563.7 GWh, HPPs on Drina and Lim rivers produced 240.6 GWh, while small hydropower plants produced 1.5 GWh of electricity in August.

EPS said that during August, traditionally the warmest month of the year, coal-fired thermal power plants and hydropower plants operated by the company produced 2.75 TWh of electricity, which is by 10.8 % more compared to the same month last year.

On the Danube, the average daily inflows in August amounted to 4,194 cubic meters per second, which is 38 % more than in August 2019, and compared to the multi-year average, these are 10.6 % higher inflows. On the Drina, the average daily inflows in August amounted to 189 cubic meters per second and were 21 % higher than the inflows recorded in the same period last year, while the increase compared to the multi-year average is higher by 42 %.

The excellent production results of HPPs operated by EPS are the result of the previously performed revitalizations. Revitalizations contribute to higher electricity production, lower maintenance costs and extend the life of hydropower plants for another 30 to 40 years. In January, EPS completed the revitalization of all units of HPP Zvornik, while the revitalization of unit 6 of HPP Djerdap 1 should start soon.