Serbia: Interconnection agreements between Transportgas, FGSZ and Gas Promet

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Newly established Serbian natural gas transmission system operator Transportgas Srbija signed on 30th September, interconnection agreements for the relevant interconnection points with the adjacent transport systems operators (TSOs): FGSZ (Hungary) and Gas Promet (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This was announced by the Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat.

The Secretariat welcomes such an outcome after having invested its efforts to improve the compliance record of the implementation of the Network Code on interoperability in the contracting parties. The signed agreements prove once again that the contracting parties and the EU member states share the same values – creating an integrated gas market for the benefits of their customers.

Deputy Director Dirk Buschle said that the Secretariat is pleased that the agreements have been signed under the framework of its Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre, adding that Transportgas Srbija and Gas Promet have implemented an important element of the interoperability Network Codes efficiently and pragmatically.