Serbia: Kolubara mine company to restore full production and supply to TPPs Nikola Tesla TENT

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Flooded parts of Serbia’s biggest coal mine Kolubara, which supplies the country’s biggest power plant complex Nikola Tesla TENT, are expected to resume production in June, stated Milorad Grcic director of Kolubara mines.

Serbia’s energy sector has been under severe strain since the mine supplying the Nikola Tesla complex (TENT) that accounts for more than a half of the Serbia electricity generation was flooded last May.

“All systems that were flooded will be revitalized in June and put into operation one by one,” Milorad Grcic confirmed for Serbia Energy.

Grcic also said that a new open-caste pit holding confirmed 350 million tonnes of lignite reserves is planned for Kolubara next year, which will improve security of supply at a mine that produces 70 percent of Serbia’s coal.


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