Serbia: TSO company initiates the regional Coordination Center with cross border TSOs

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Serbian TSO power grid operator Elektromreze Srbije (EMS) and its Bosnia and Montenegro cross border grid operators, HOS BiH and CGES, have signed an agreement to set up a Security Coordination Center (SCC), EMS announced.

SCC, the first Regional Security Coordination Initiative (RSCI) in Southeast Europe (SEE), was set up with a goal to develop the necessary services prescribed by European network rules and by the internal regulations of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), EMS said in a statement.

These services would be adapted to regional needs and used by other transmission system operators from SEE, which will be invited to participate in the management and development of the SCC and will also be offered shareholding rights, in case they have such business interests.

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