Serbia Lim river basin offer of small HPP locations attracts investors

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37 of 317 locations for construction of small HPPs, that Ministry of Energy offered several days ago, are on Lim’s river basin. The first kilowatts from two small HPPs will begin to flow exactly from Lim’s tributaries soon and the licenses for construction of three HPPs will be approved.

20 such HPPs can be constructed on water intakes next to Zebudja, Ljupca, Prvosevska, Ratajska and Vrbnicka rivers in Prijepolje municipality. Their strength is 170 to 1.300 kilowatt-hours which would be the strength for the biggest plant on Seljasnica.

Aggregates of three HPPs in Nova Varos municipality are certain to transform mountain flows into electricity kilowatts and send them into transmission line, according to investors’ interests.

-Preparations for construction began in Priboj few years ago. Construction’s licenses are issued for small HPPs “Radanovici” and “Crnetici” and location and energy consent was issued for “Sljivovica”. These plants on Ljutina River in Hercegovacki Golesi are 3,7 MW strong- Vitomir Pijevac, coordinator for small HPPs in Priboj, said.

Investor is “Turboinstitut” from Ljubljana and works that will begin in the spring are confided to “Gemaks” from Belgrade. Everyone interested in the construction of small HPPs in Priboj will get everything black and white soon: free locations, technical characteristics and required papers. Investors are more interested in small HPPs with bigger waterfall but also in those closer to traffic and transmission lines. Energy licenses are issued for two HPPs on Lim next to Priboj, 7 MW strong. Their accumulations are 100 times smaller than HPP “Potpec”. Plan of detailed regulation of HPP “Ramovici” is done and the decision for “Mramorje” will be found in front of Municipal Parliament soon.

The construction of HPPs “Crkvina” and “Recica” begun not far from Nova Varos last autumn. These HPPs are 2.360 kilowatt-hours strong and they will produce 11 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. “nj&nj energy”, the Company from Kragujevac, invests 3,25 million EUR and Bojan Milanovic, the owner stated that construction work is in its finishing phase and that equipment installation began while trial production is expected in a few weeks.

5 April- the deadline

Investors can compete for construction of 14 plants on Priboj’s territory until 5 April. The biggest one is on Uvac, 3,5 MW strong, and the rest are on Poblacenica, Sutjeska, Ljutina…

Minister of Parliament in Priboj municipality send a letter to Minister of Energy, Environmental Development and Protection, Zorana Mihajlovic, asking for information about construction of two HPPs on Lim near Brodarevo so she can represent it to citizens and delegates.

Local Government complains because it doesn’t have insight in activities of Canadian Company “REV” or in authorities’ attitudes.

Source Serbia Energy/MERZ/Agencies/Prijepolje Municipality