Serbia: Meeting on changes of interstate gas agreement with Russia

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The main topic of the meeting were the changes in the interstate agreement with Russia from 1996, according to which the company Jugorosgas was established, whose owners are Russian Gazprom and Srbijagas, and which expires in 2021. Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic talked with representatives of the company Jugorosgas about the security of gas supply and the harmonization of the company Jugorosgas-transport with the Serbian and European regulations in the field of energy.

The amendments to the agreement should resolve the issue of certification of Jugorosgas-transport, a subsidiary of Jugorosgas, as an independent gas transport operator in Serbia, which will solve the long-standing inherited problem in this field. In July 2019, the Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) adopted a decision revoking the company’s certificate issued in 2017 conditionally, because in the meantime the conditions from the Energy Law, which is harmonized with EU directives in the field of energy, have not been met. As it was announced, the work on the amendments to the interstate agreement should include the initiative for the continuation of the construction of the gas pipeline network in the south of Serbia, by building a gas interconnection with North Macedonia. Minister Mihajlovic emphasized that the gas sector is important for the energy security of Serbia, as well as for the development of the entire energy sector. General Director of Jugorosgas, Alexei Muratov, said that the company was completely open for cooperation with the Ministry and ready to work together on a better and more efficient solution of all issues.