Serbia mining basin Kolubara, Coal from mine “Radljevo” next year

16. July 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The first tons of coal from new  open mine “Radljevo”, which will be opened in the Kolubara mining basin, should be produced in the second half of next year, it was said in the  meeting which was attended by Milorad Grčić, director of  RB “Kolubara”, Dragoljub Laković, president of  RB “Kolubara” Parliament  and  Darko Glišić, president of Ub municipality where the new surface lignite pit will be open.

-Opening of “Radljevo” is one of the most important government projects, significant not only for the development of Serbian power industry, but of the entire region. If we continue with the current pace, we can realistically expect to begin production on the new pit officially in the second half of 2014. There is no doubt that with the joint investment we will be able to respect planned dynamics of activities, which is more than ambitious. Miners know what it means to open the mine – it is the beginning of a new life in economic, electro economic and social meaning – said Grčić.

According to estimates, reserves of “Radljevo” are about 350 million tons of coal, which will be exploited in three phases. Dragoljub Laković explained that in the first phase, which is ongoing and which is provided with all necessary equipment, new open mine should realized production between three and five million tons of coal per year.

-“Radljevo” must be contemporary mine, which will be the pride of Electric Power Industry of Serbia and for the realization of that project are engaged the greatest experts in this area. This is the beginning of a new phase of intensive construction of new facilities in RB “Kolubara”.

Mayor of Ub, Darko Glišić, thanked to the “Kolubara” and EPS for the efforts that give for the realization of this major work, adding that the task of the competent authorities in the municipality is to be maximally prepared for the project.


Source; RBK

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