Serbia – mining basin Kolubara: Started overburden excavation on the Field “D”

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On the open pit mine Field “D” second ECS (excavator-conveyor-spreader) systemhas been involved in the manufacturing process, where bucket wheel excavator “rodent 3” excavated earth above the coal. Inclusion of the fifth ECS systemat this mine into operation also is expected soon. It is very important that the manufacturing process on one of the two pits, which have been partially flooded,already has been started.

According to preliminary indicators,measuring of water amount poured into Tamnava mines, made after the Kolubara River returned to its bed,has showed that the area of “Tamnava West Field” is about 210, and in mine “Veliki Crljeni” about 26 million cubic meters of water.

The fact that the Kolubara inflow into mines has been stopped is very important, because eachlevel rise of ten centimeters would brought several million cubic meters of water (namely, an level increase of one meter would mean a new 10 million cubic meters).

By this villages in the region also have been savedwhich, if the embankment was not raised on the night between Sunday and Monday, certainly would be flooded in the following days.

Source; Serbia Energy