Serbia: Obrenovac – Nikola Tesla power plant still in danger

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The possibility of the Sava overflowing is the greatest threat to the power station Nikola Tesla in Obrenovac, where pumps are being used to drain underground water, as the water from the Sava would then merge with the flood water from the Kolubara, Serbia’s Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antic said on Monday.

Seven pumps are online at the power plant currently draining underground water. Two of the pumps were brought in from Slovenia. Antic, who visited the station together with head of Serbia’s power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije Aleksandar Obradovic, said that the real danger lay in the Kolubara, which flooded Obrenovac earlier, merging with the Sava. “We are currently 50 cm away from the Sava overflowing. Additional levees were build during the night so they could hold a bit more water,” he stated. There is also danger from the Danube rising, because it can happen for the Danube to be unable to receive all the water from the Sava, which would then flow back to Obrenovac, he explained. That would raise the water near the power station to dangerous levels, he remarked, stressing that the potential crises had been considered and that the authorities were prepared to conduct any form of evacuation. Sandbags have even been placed on drains in the plant so water would not come up through them from underground. Head of the Slovenian team of 19 who are pumping the water out Robert Jurovic said they could bring in more pumps from Slovenia should the current number be insufficient.

Source; Inserbia

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