Serbia mining: Copper company Bor announces new gold and copper mines exploration in 2014

12. August 2013. / Mining

General director of Mining – Smelter Basin (RTB) “Bor”, Blagoje Spaskovski, announced that the company prepares to open several copper and gold mines in Majdanpek and Bor areas.

– Thanks to new findings, this year we expect that opposite to 2012, when we produced 27.000 tons of copper, we will have production of almost 40.000 tons of copper – stressed Spaskovski.

–  Already in 2014, we will produce 60.000 tons of copper from our mines, and during the following years 80. 000 tons of that metal.

He said that the mines that RTB would open were “Kriveljski kamen” and “Cerovo primarno” and that also there would be new ore bodies in the underground reservoir “Jama”. He stressed that in Majdanpek, between the two active mines, “Juzni revir” and “Severni revir”, was revealed the finding with 0.3 percent of copper, but in which the gold content varied from 4 to 14 grams per ton.

– New copper and gold quantities would enable that RTB operated positively even if the price of the red copper on the world market would dropped from the current 7.000 to 4.500 dollars per ton – said general director of “Bor” to Serbia Energy.

Spaskovski also said that he expected the new copper smelter to be completed by the middle of next year, and that, as a loan cover for the construction of additional facilities – factories for waste- water refining, slag flotation and power plant, the old Bor tailing probably would be given.

Source; Serbia Energy/RTB

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