Serbia mining: Kolubara mines repairs big excavator after floods, 20,000 t of coal more from Kolubara on a daily basis

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In the Open pit mine of Kolubara mines basin OPM “Field D”, the second system for coal production started the production process, which provided the additional quantities of coal from the Mining Basin Kolubara for the needs of electricity production.

Visiting the OPM “Field D”, Milorad Grčić, the director of MB Kolubara, announced that as of that day the daily production of coal from Kolubara and shipping to TPPNT would increase to 45,000 t on a daily basis and it would remain at that level until the OPM “Veliki Crljeni” is put in operation again. From the beginning of putting in operation the first coal system after the flood, during the last 12 days, the average shipping for thermal capacities from MB Kolubara was at the level of 20,000 t a day.

– Thanks to the great efforts of all the employees, we are putting in operation one more system for coal production in “Field D”, by which the Serbian energy system is significantly stabilized. At this moment, for putting the Tamnava OPMs back in operation we need high capacity pumps for pumping out the water from the fields “Veliki Crljeni” and “West Field” and for starting the production in those two mines which, by now, represented the backbone of coal production in Kolubara – Grčić said.

Lignite at ECL system (excavator – conveyor – loading) in “Field D” is being excavated by the BWE “Glodar 7” also known as “The Blue Bird” (“plava ptica”). After the flood, the parts of the conveyor were flooded, so the reconstruction of the production system was done and it is now put in operation.

In MB Kolubara, the intense works are being performed on removing the consequences of the flood wave which caused tremendous damage to the production units of the greatest coal producer in the country and the employees are doing everything they can to maintain the stability o energy system.

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