Serbia: New energy Law to boost RES investment claim Energy Ministry

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All the measures of the Third EU Energy Package in the field of gas and electricity sector are fully implemented in the new energy law, while renewable energy sources, due to changes in the manner of functioning sector, are only indirectly included in this package, said the Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic .

In relation to the current regulation, the new Energy Law will bring more accurate and better equipped administrative procedures, while at the same time will be remedied the observed deficiencies related to the energy permits issuing and acquiring the status of privileged electricity producer, said Antic.

By the draft of the new law, the Ministry of Mines and Energy plans to introduce the possibility of obtaining temporary status of privileged producer for all power plants using renewable energy sources, and not as so far, for power plants using the sun and wind energy, said Antic.

Therefore investors, as he added, would get safer conditions for investment planning, and the state the ability to centrally monitor the projects development and implementation.

He stressed that the new law, in the field of renewable energy sources, does not diminish the already acquired investors’ rights, but only regulate this area with higher quality.