Serbia: New management policy in energy public companies says Energy Minister

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Minister of Energy and Vice President of SNS Zorana Mihajlovic said that Serbia would no longer tolerate unqualified managers and directors inclined to corruption.

Serbia can no longer tolerate and pay directors inclined to corruption or individuals who barely finished school on some satellite units, as it was done last decade, taking place of more worthy and more qualified people.

Speaking of the new government, its program and crucial procedures taken in the future, Vice-President of the progressives said that in this country a measure of staff quality could not and would not be how much and who could steal and “earned”.

Mihajlovic said she was proud to say that the Serbian energy sector was not late for Europe for the first time in passing legislation and that we have established clear criteria for doing business in this sector.

“I am proud that we have defined a plan of investments priorities in the energy sector, but I am very sorry that there was no political understanding for reforming Srbijagas and it is a job that is waiting for us and that we need to start as soon as possible”, she said.

Asked whether there is a plan and a solution to the gas supply if the conflict between Moscow and Kiev escalates and Ukrainians definitely roll up their “taps” to the Russian gas flows, Mihajlovic responded that the mitigating circumstance for us was that we had an underground gas storage facility in Banatski Dvor, as the fact that the heating season was at the end.

“However, we must not forget that Serbia is not rich either in gas or oil and we still get gas only from Hungary. That is the reason why we participate in the construction of the gas pipeline “South Stream”, as well as pipeline Nis-Dimitrovgrad – in order to diversify routes of gas supply and ensure the supply security and stability of this energy. We have started creation of oil and gas strategic reserves by the new Law adoption on the stockpiles, and in favor of a more secure supply also goes opening of the internal gas market”, said Minister of Energy.

Speaking of the “Serbia Power Utility Company” Mihajlovic said that it was a complex system, which could and must operate much more efficiently.

“EPS will be soon transformed into a joint stock company in which the State will be the only shareholder. Besides the rationalization of operating costs, that has not been enough occupied with until now, the priorities will have to be clearly defined … EPS and other public enterprises will get set quota, by which will be determined the profit amount that a company will have to pay to the state”, she said.

Talking about the announced reforms, Zorana Mihajlovic said that it was time to look at the truth in the eye.

“If some state-owned company does not work for a decade or more, and during that time continuously sinks in even greater perdition by not paying either wages to workers or obligations to the state, it is time to openly say and see what to do next. The Serbian Progressive Party certainly is not guilty for this situation, and the workers of these companies know best how the previous government swept the problems under the carpet”, she said.

Mihajlovic, however, added that among 153 companies there were plenty of companies that had market potential, preserved personal and technological base.

“We will do everything to help these companies to stand on their feet and fight for every job in these companies”, concluded Zorana Mihajlovic.

Source; Serbia Energy