Serbia: NIS’ large investments in Pancevo refinery

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Since 2009, more than 800 million euros have been invested in Pancevo oil refinery, making it one of the most advanced facilities in the region, said First Deputy CEO of Serbian oil company NIS Andrey Tuchnin. Tuchnin said that the recent start of the deep processing unit, in which over 300 million euros have been invested, is important not only for Serbia, but for the entire region, and that the project brings significant business and environmental uses. The configuration of the refinery must be such that it can have a future, and when it comes to the complex in Pancevo, it has it now. Therefore, the energy stability of Serbia in the future is ensured by this modernization.

According to him, after the start of the new unit, the Pancevo oil refinery will receive larger quantities of the highest quality fuels, as well as a new product – petroleum coke, which has been imported to Serbia so far. He added that NIS is now considering the possibility of further expanding the sales network.

Tuchnin added that the commissioning of the deep processing unit also means improving environmental protection. Emissions of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide have been reduced, especially sulfur, by 98 %, and nitrogen by 10 %. Also, emissions of particulate matter have been reduced by 52.8 % and the energy efficiency of the refinery has been improved.

He said that the cessation of the production of fuel oil with a high sulfur content contributes to Serbia fulfilling its obligations to the Energy Community. According to him, NIS plans to continue the modernization of the refinery and the realization of projects for the improvement of environmental protection, and that the modernization of the catalytic cracking plant (FCC) will follow first.