Serbia: Energy Minister Mihajlovic: “South Stream” project is to be continued

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Serbian Minister of Energy,  Mrs.  Zorana Mihajlovic said that the energy sector this year should be marked by investments and reforms of public enterprises, while in the gas sector she expects continuation of the project “South Stream” and gas pipeline and Niš – Dimitrovgrad as well.

“We expect the negotiations with a consortium interested in building of  new block in the thermal power plant Novi Sad to be finished soon,” said Mihajlovic. Estonia, among other countries, is interested in Aleksinac’s oil shales, so that granting of concessions is one of the priorities of the energy sector in Serbia,  she said on media conference.

“Not only this investment, but the others that have already started, will mainly be carried out by the principle of granting concessions, as well as strategic and public-private partnerships,” said Mihalović.

According to her, in the field of renewable energy sources were signed more than 200 memorandums for the construction of mini-hydro power plants, last year. In March, the second public call  was completed for the construction of such plants at 143 locations.

She stated that after the formation of the city authorities in Belgrade, a tender should be announced for managing of waste in the landfill in Vinca and the construction of a recycling factory.

“The plan is to obtain the thermal and electrical energy from waste, keeping in mind that 1,700 tons of waste are stored  in this landfill daily,” she added.

Mihajlovic said that late last year was signed a contract for the construction of the third block in the thermal power plant “Kostolac B”, where the works should have started by the end of this year.

Source; Serbia Energy


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