Serbia: Power market and unbundling, EPS Supply and DSO management

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The current company for energy distribution will experience its transformation into the operators of the distributive system. At the same time, it will, as agreed, do a significant part of works in the name of and in the behalf of “EPS Supply”.

The fact that can be seen as a stumbling stone of the distributors since the adoption of the Energy Law, are the bigger electricity losses than justified (determined by the EARS), and at least three of existing five PEs for distribution have that kind of losses continuously. It is regulated by the Energy Law that the operator buys the electricity on the market in order to cover the losses in distribution (as well as in transmission), which will be the task they will hardly complete.

Namely, the operators of the distributive system in the EPS group can buy the electricity for covering the losses from the producers in EPS, through the Department for Electricity Trading, but in that case the market prices will be valid.

Regarding this fact, at one of the meetings the issue how to provide a more balanced development of the ED System in the unequal total development of some regions in Serbia, and regarding the fact that a development level of this system has a great influence on the loss amount, the opinion that even in that field the corporate role of EPS will have a great influence.

TSO Company “Elektromreže Srbije” is not part of the unique company of EPS, but it has chosen EPS on the tender, to buy from it 1.1 billion kwh for covering the losses of transmission at market prices.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS