Serbia: Power utility EPS announces tender for reconstruction of small HPPs

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Energy utility company EPS activated EBRD loan package for tender for reconstruction of several small hydro power plants. The bidding deadline is July 24.

EPS has invited bids for works on the reconstruction of seven small hydro power plants (SHPPs), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said on Thursday.

The tender covers supply and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment for reconstruction of the SHPPs, located in eastern Serbia, the EBRD said in a statement.

EPS intends using part of a loan approved by the EBRD to finance the works on the project.

The tendered upgrade project covers the reconstruction of the three existing turbines of the HPP Sveta Petka, near the southern city of Nis; installation of two new turbines at SHPP Sicevo; reconstruction of two existing turbines at the SHPP Gamzigrad near Zajecar; replacement of the three existing turbines on the SHPP Sokolovica; installation of a new turbine on the SHPP Vucje near Leskovac; reconstruction of the two existing turbines at SHPP Jelasnica and reconstruction of all three existing turbines of the SHPP Temac.

The bidding deadline is July 24.

In 2011, the EBRD said it was lending EPS 45 million euro ($49.1 million) to refurbish 15 SHPPs with a combined capacity of 18 MW and to build seven new ones on existing dams witha combined capacity of 13 MW.