Serbia: Retail electricity price for households 11% more expensive from 1. August, second increase expected end of 2013

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The Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) received an official request from power utility company EPS for electricity price increase for households of 10, 9 percent, it was announced from AERS. In the Agency said that it is expected that electricity price rise by 1. August, bearing in mind that it is essential that the company “EPS supply” 15 days before the price increase informs consumers about it.

The proposal for electricity price increase was preceded by intervention of the Agency that “EPS supply”, which previously requested to increase it even more, deleted all unjustified costs from that request of price increase.

In AERS specify that “EPS supply” and five DSO companies for electricity distribution – Elektrovojvodina, Electrodistribution  Belgrade, Elektroserbia  Kraljevo, Southeast Niš, and Center Kragujevac  have delivered  today to AERS decisions about  new electricity prices for public supply and prices of approach, or use of the power supply system.

It was proposed that electricity prices for households increased by 10.9 percent, it is specified in the statement, adding that Agency will check whether the data sent to them from the company, were in accordance with the mentioned requirements and after that will decide about these proposals.

In the Agency say that a regulatory body before, in late May and early June, got documentation and data about achieved and planed costs of electricity distribution and public supply from these five companies.

After an analysis of these costs, the Agency requested to review the proposed level and reduce costs that could not be accepted as a necessary and rational and to make a proper separation and cost distribution by activities, emphasize in AERS.

The Agency also has, as added, required that all five distribution companies reduce proposed electricity losses in networks.

The aim is that the resources got from the costs rationalization direct on security increasing and quality of electricity supply, stand out in the Agency.

Source: AERS/Serbia Energy