Serbia, SEEPEX organizes workshop ahead of intraday market launch in June

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Serbian energy exchange (SEEPEX) informed all interested parties that it will organize a workshop on 28 March related to the upcoming launch of intraday market in June.

The purpose of the workshop is to present the Serbian continuous intraday market, which will be launched in June 2023, to all interested parties. This will be the first event in a row of events and workshops that will be organized to promote the continuous intraday electricity market.

The development of a competitive, transparent and reliable intraday electricity market in Serbia and southeastern Europe will contribute to the increase in volume of electricity trade in the entire region.

The operation of continuous intraday market will rely on M7 trading system, the state-of-the-art industry-standard in terms of performance. Clearing and settlement will be performed by the European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

SEEPEX members will thus benefit from high-level standards both in terms of trading and clearing services. At the very beginning, continuous intraday market will operate in the isolated mode, with intention to join a single EU cross-zonal intraday electricity market as soon as possible (Single Intraday Coupling – SIDC).

Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange (ADEX), the first regional power exchange for central and southeastern Europe, was officially established on 23 December 2022.

The short-term milestones of ADEX will be to deliver a new intraday market in Serbia and coupling the pivotal Serbian day-ahead market with the pan-European Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC) as soon as possible.

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