Serbia: Serbian power utility EPS power generation facilities marks stable electricity production, report

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For 9 months of this year, power plants EPS produced 27,642 billion kilowatt-hours, which is 1.7 percent more than planned, and 9.6 percent higher than production results in the same period last year. In other words, this year’s first nine months produced nearly 2.5 billion kilowatt hours over the same period last year.

This has been noted in the meeting with the directors of companies for the coal and electricity production in EPS Directorate for energy production, which was chaired by Zoran Bozovic, director of the Directorate. Before discussing the results of production and preparation for the winter season, meeting participants accepted the information on the effects of measures taken to improve safety and health at work. Nenad Vladic, manager of human resources, said that this year for the 9 months the number of all types of injuries decreased compared to the same period last year and it is planned that this decreasing trend continues and grows stronger.

Vera Stanojevic, Director of electricity and heat production, explained a number of indicators of the excellent production of electricity in the first 9 months of this year, pointing out that the flow HPPs produced a billion kilowatt hours over the same period last year, and according to all the parameters operated good.

Coal-fired power plants surpassed last year’s achievement of 10.2 percent by producing more than 19 billion kilowatt hours and reached a maximum nine-month production to date. Director Stanojevic also said that the cumulative nine-month surplus exceed 3 billion kilowatt hours, which, she said, is the biggest nine-month surplus since 2001. Record production of coal-fired power plants has contributed to the good work of the mines, which produced 28.65 million tons of coal and 81.1 million cubic meters of overburden for 9 months, as explained by Nebojsa Sijakovic , director of coal production department.

Thanks to this good production and excellent availability of capacity, according to Miladin Basarc , Assistant Director of EPS energy trading,  EPS not only extinguished the needs of consumers of electric energy for 9 months, but it also sold 2,85 billion kilowatt hours in the open market.

A big part of the discussion was devoted to the difficulties with the public and other procurements, which complicate capacity preparations for the winter to the point, as it was said, that it is necessary  to urgently get out of this situation. Besides the relevant directorates of EPS which should engage more, it is proposed to seek help from the state institutions.

In order to quickly resolve the problems, however, investments must first be separated from maintenance in the Companies, to accurately assess the needs for spare parts and to find a solution to enter the procurement planned by Plan rebalance for this year, which is not yet accepted. They also agreed to prepare and coordinate list of major procurements that could unite at the level of EPS.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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