Serbia: Smart meters consortium of local producers offers power utility EPS PPP deal without expensive bank loans

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Consortium of Serbian electricity meters producers said that the old meters in Serbia could be replaced with a new remote reading smart meters through public-private partnerships, without the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) borrowing.

Director of the consortium member, company Enel, Dragan Vasiljevic said at a press conference that, on the basis of prices set by the Energy Agency (AERS), could be profitable for the company to fund the replacement of electric meters with new ones through the partnership, to install them, maintain, read and submit data.

“It would bring work to local companies and new jobs”, said Vasiljevic.

He said the Energy Agency set the monthly fee of 0,166 EUR for reading and 4, 15 EUR for the maintenance of meters, and in Serbia there are more than three million meters. According to this calculation, the annual income from these fees is more than 150 MEUR.

Vasiljevic said that there were problems in the completion of public procurement of electricity meters for three companies, which obstruct the proceedings by sending a series of complaints to the Commission for the Protection of Rights with its affiliated companies.

It was also said at the conference that the company Atos, associated with the French Schneider Electric, won EPS tender for the procurement of systems and equipment for remote reading of 250,000 meters and the procurement value is 26.7 MEUR. The procurement has being financed from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB)

Consortium of Serbian electricity meters producers has announced that it has completed delivery of 30,000 meters for EPS, worth around two MEUR, which is the largest meters that EPS realized with money from domestic sources over the past decade and a half.

Besides Enel, Jugotrade, Citi and VF EMT make Consortium. These companies are engaged in the meters production more than 20 years, employing 110 workers and in the last three years have had income of 10 MEUR. , transmits

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