Serbia, Some TENT A units still out of operation

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Since the morning of 14 December, units A1 and A2 of coal-fired thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT A) are back in operation and the deliveries of thermal energy to Obrenovac resumed. Power utility EPS said that it expects that more units will be back online by the end of the day.

On Sunday, 12 December, almost all of six units of TENT A were out of operation (some were working at decreased capacity) due to problems with coal supply caused by snowfall. One unit at TPP Nikola Tesla B was also out of operation. Unofficially, low quality coal in the plant’s stock turned unusable due to snow and rain.

EPS ramped up its hydro generation, however, that was not enough to cover the missing electricity from TENT A, so the company was forced to import about 25 % of needed electricity at extremely high prices. According to data from electricity transmission system operator EMS, on Monday and Tuesday, Serbia was importing electricity from all directions except Romania.