Serbia: Srbijgas and Gazprom to resolve liquidity for gas storage Banatski Dvor

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Serbia will, by the end of the year, most likely, come to reduction in the natural gas price for commercial customers, announced director of “Srbijagas” Dusan Bajatovic.

This reduction will occur if continues the current trend of decreasing in oil prices, said Bajatovic.

He added that it was expected decline in gas prices on the stock exchanges for about 220 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters in the third and fourth quarter of this year which, as he explained, would be good for Serbia, as it will give less foreign currency for the gas purchase that we import.

Bajatovic said that according to the arrangement with MMF it would no longer be any state aid nor for “Srbijagas”, nor for EPS.

“Thanks to last year loan of 200 million dollars, by which was virtually paid old debt, we should pay a lot gas delivery this year, and there might be a little problem for liquidity for filling storage in Banatski Dvor, but I think that we will solve it with our friends from Gazprom”, Bajatovic said.

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