Serbia: TENT Power plants faces charges due to the environmental accident

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Thermal power plants Nikola Tesla ( TENT) faces criminal charges by Ministry of Energy in Serbia due to environment accident which occurred last week.

Ash handling system failed to operate during the high wind storm which hit Obrenovac city last week. Emission of ash and hazardous coal elements was spread in Obrenovac and Belgrade during 3 hours of the wind storm.

NGOs and Green party stated that TENT is responsible for this environment accident. They claim that TENT management failed to respond in proper manner during the accident and even after it with weak and unclear statements forwarding responsibility to area called force majur.

The question is how did TENT used the EU donated funds for its environmental projects asks NGOs and Serbian medias. Serbian energy minister statement explained that energy ministry will file charges against the responsible management in TENT.

Source;Green party/NGOs/Agencies