Serbia, The energy sector is in much more abundant problems than the government presents to the public

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The movement “Srbija centar – Srce” assessed today that the energy sector of Serbia is in much more abundant problems than the “so-called political elite” represents to the public, that the government claims that things are under control, but that the numbers say otherwise.

As stated in the Src press release, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić announced in her expose that “strong billions of euros will be invested in the energy sector, as if we are awaiting a renaissance and improvement, and not that our EPS is about to collapse.”

“The relevant minister (Dubravka Đedović) has just ‘sat down’ in his chair and claims that the price of electricity must rise, and the President of the Republic (Aleksandar Vučić), obviously the best informed about the matter, is announcing concrete percentages to the public about the expected increase in electricity prices. They are forgetting the fact that EPS public company, so I guess first of all the citizens should familiarize themselves with the real situation in that company, because after all, it is about our money”, said Goran Anđelić from the Srce movement.

He assessed that while it is not known how EPS spends money, the minister in charge of finance (Siniša Mali) is proudly presenting the budget rebalancing, again “targeting” billions of euros in loans to the energy sector.

As Anđelić added, since according to the Minister of Finance we have, there won’t be any problems for EPS to continue importing electricity, and that “we don’t need new hospitals, schools, better education, because when the lights are on, everything is great”.

Anđelić pointed out that the saying “What you don’t pay on the bridge, you’ll pay on the bridge” is known in our nation, and as a rule, you pay for it more expensively and much more unpleasantly, and that, when it comes to the energy sector, when it comes to that bridge, Beta reports.

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