Slovenia, Overhaul of NPP Krsko completed

, SEE Energy News

The Krsko nuclear power plant was reconnected to the power system on Monday evening. After low-power checks and overhauls, the plant’s website announced that they were gradually increasing power. The co-owners of the Krsko nuclear power plant are the Slovenian GEN Energija and Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP).

In the notice, they state that on October 1st, the regular overhaul of NPP Krsko began, during which 56 fuel elements out of 121 were replaced, whose new core will provide a source of energy for the next year and a half, they say from NPP Krsko.

During the overhaul, a comprehensive standard program of maintenance and testing of mechanical, electrical and measuring and regulation equipment was carried out, as well as more than a hundred surveillance tests. “The results confirm that the condition of the system, structures and components is impeccable”, NPP Krsko said.

14 technological modifications were also completed, in order to ensure reliable long-term operation and at the same time increase power. From the new high-pressure turbine, they expect a contribution of 10 megawatts of power, that is, 90 gigawatt-hours of electricity production per year.

“With this replacement, the Krsko NPP will achieve the highest possible power, which can be achieved by nuclear plants with two steam generators”, they point out from the Krsko NPP and remind that there was a delay due to the complex modification, because Siemens, which is the external contractor for the implementation of the project, i.e. for the preparation the turbine and its subsystems took longer to operate than he had planned.

As they state from NE Krsko, the 33rd fuel cycle will last until the spring of 2024, and they say: “NE Krsko in the past cycle, which ended at the beginning of the overhaul on the first of October, proved its exceptional reliability as it worked continuously for 513 days and ensured a stable supply Slovenia and Croatia”, reports Bloomberg Adria.