Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla TENT completes major overhaul on unit A3 despite all issues with contractors

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In the previous year, the most important job in the Serbian biggest thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla“ was the capital overhaul of the block A3. The comprehensive job, which was originally envisaged to last for 180 days, will nevertheless be concluded in January 2015.

After the end of the overhaul, the first synchronization of the block is planned for 22nd January. The exact date of commissioning of the block will depend on the outside temperature and the electricity consumption. The capital overhaul began on 1st July 2014, with a delay of around two months with respect to the original plan (the delay was explained by the complicated public procurement procedures and the flood).

The works are divided in nine LOTS (work groups) with the engagement of 30 domestic and foreign companies. The aim of the capital overhaul is a higher reliability of operation, the extension of operating lifetime, increased energy efficiency and a reduced environmental impact. The project includes the works on the boiler pipe system; the works on the turbine by which the capacity will be increased to 328.4 megawatts (this is the most valuable part of the project – 27 million euros); then the works on the generator and the electrical plants; the standard overhaul works on the plants; the construction works; the modernization of the control system and the replacement of the NOX burner.

The contractually stipulated project completion deadline has been postponed to a certain extent due to the delayed works on the electrical filters facility. The comprehensive job in this part of the project has included the installation of 400 electrodes, the length of which is 16, and the width 6 meters. The total weight of the facility, after the conclusion of all works, will amount to 2.200 tons. Within the overhaul, the ash handling system has been applied under the electrical filters. By the installation of electrical filters, the emission of powdery substance will be reduced below 50 milligrams per cubic meter. This part of the project is worth eight and a half million euros.

By the replacement of the burner and the installation of the LNOx system, the nitrogen oxides emissions will be reduced. This LOT is worth 10 million euros.

Within the LOT 3, which is worth around 13 million euros, a new generator corset has been delivered to TPPNT from the Alstom factory in Belfort, France. The corset manufacture had begun in the Alstom factory in Poland on the basis of the contract signed in 2011, but due to manufacturing issues, the production was transferred to France. The equipment with the volume of 90 cubic meters has been delivered by the so-called multimodal transport – to Strasbourg by truck, from there to Vukovar by ship and finally by train, by a special oversized composition, to the destination in Obrenovac. The unloading has been carried out with the use of two telescopic cranes and it has lasted for ten hours.

The total value of the project amounts to 80 million euros, and something more than 55 million has been paid so far. The funds for carrying out the overhaul have been provided by the EPS and the TPPNT. By the overhaul of the block A3, two environmental issues will be solved – the emissions of nitrogen oxides and powdery substance will be reduced. After the overhaul, the block capacity will be increased by 23 megawatts.

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