Serbia: TPP “Nikola Tesla”, with new filters and flue gas desulphurization projects starts 500MEUR investment cycle

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Investing more than half a billion euros in Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” and environmental protection. Emissions of solid particles by E  regulation. Industrial Company TPP “Nikola Tesla” has invested over 100 MEUR in environmental projects in the last ten years. By 2017 it is planned to invest at least half a billion euros.

In the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in power plants A and B, as well as in the power plant “Kolubara”, TENT has invested 55 MEUR. The reconstruction of only two electrostatic precipitators remain to be done. Next year 9 MEUR will be invested for reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in Block A3 in TENT A, while in 2015 the same work will be done in TPP “Morava” in Svilajinac for 6 MEUR.

– A large and extremely important job of reducing the emissions of solid particles in the atmosphere will be completed and therefore its reduction to European standards. The maximum emission of 50 milligrams per cubic meter is foreseen – they say in EPS.

Another major project in the environmental protection field which TENT has finished, in which it invested around 35 MEUR is related to the construction of low flows ash transport in the power plant “Nikola Tesla” B. Scattering of ashes at the site TENT B is stopped by the system of low water ash transport. The same work was done on the TPP “Kolubara”, where pneumatic part of the new system of transportation and disposal of ash with new built electrostatic precipitator is put into operation for more than 10 MEUR. It was also anticipated that 45 MEUR will be invested in the future for the construction of low water ash transport in TENT A, and for this work  preliminary design, feasibility studies, and assessment of environmental impact are done.

So far, the system of control pollution of water, air and soil is also installed in the power plant “Morava” and partly in TENT A. Also, the project of measuring system of harmful emissions of the flue gases was completed on plants TENT A, TENT B and TPP “Kolubara”. The value of this work is only 1.7 MEUR and it was financed by the EU grant. Implementation of the project worth 15 MEUR is in the initial phase, and it refers to the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in TENT A and TENT B. 600,000 euros were invested in the rehabilitation of the ash dump in TENT A in Obrenovac, which was completed in less than two months.


Next year will begin implementation of the largest environmental project in South-Eastern Europe, the construction of desulphurization system at TENT A. It is anticipated that the contract worth 250 MEUR will be completed in 2017. Favorable loan agreement for the project was signed by the government of Serbia and Japan. The same arrangement is also expected for TENT B.

The plan is also to invest 40 million euros in the reduction of nitrogen oxides over the next five years.

Source; Serbia Energy

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