Bosnia:FBiH gets an operator for renewable energy and efficient cogeneration

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FBiH Government, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, made the decision to establish an operator for renewable energy and efficient cogeneration, as well as non-profit legal entities which conduct operations in compliance with the Law on renewable energy and efficiency cogeneration.

In addition to activities provided by the Law, the operator OIEiEK should perform research activities and inform the public on incentive measures for OIEiEK, he should develop appropriate educational programs, organize public and professional discussions, workshops and training programs, in order to ensure that information on using OIEiEK promptly arrives to stakeholders and citizens of the Federation.

Management Board of Operators for OIEiEK has three members who are appointed and dismissed by the federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry, with the prior approval of the founder. Director Operator, with the consent of the founder, is elected by the Board by majority vote on the public announcement.

By appointment of Director Operator for OIEiEK these tasks will perform an interim director Hajrudin Becirovic.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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