Serbia: TPP TENT overhaul and investment cycle 2014

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Beside the realization of production balances, in TPP Nikola Tesla TENT (TPP NT) regular annual overhauls are forthcoming as well as reconstructive activities. The most important activities are going to take place on the Power Units A1 and A3 in TPP “Nikola Tesla A“ . Capital repair of the first, the oldest Power Unit of this PP is going to last for 120 days, and the rehabilitation of the Power Unit A3 lasts 180 days.

On the Power Unit A3, the two significant actions were envisaged. The reconstruction of electro filters with the aim of emission reduction of powdery substances, for which the funds from donation of European delegation are envisaged. Another large action is related to the replacement of one part of the generator, that is being performed for the first time in the PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” on the Power Unit of such high power.

Source; Serbia Energy