Serbia: Voith Hydro modernization project on HPP Bajina Basta, 63MEUR for increase of power on turbines

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If we calculate that for the hydropower plant construction of 52 megawatts needs more than 100 MEUR, the investment in the revitalization of HPP “Bajina Basta” is more than justified. After the modernization, the HPP “Zvornik  output power” will be increased by 30 percent says Mijodrag Citakovic, Director of EC “Drina – Lim HPP”

Four-year revitalization of HPP “Bajina Basta” will be completed on 14th  September, when a fourth modernized and rejuvenated  unit should be back on the ” Serbian Power Utility Company ” network – said in an interview for the newspaper ” kWh ” Mijodrag Citakovic, Director of EC “Drina – Lim HPPs “.
Rehabilitation of HPP “Bajina Basta” is an example of how things take place successfully and on time, and our source says that all works were completed even on 14th August when the fourth unit entered in the one-month trial period.

Was it worth the investment in the modernization of HPP “Bajina Basta”?

If we calculate that for the hydropower plant construction of 52 megawatts needs more than 100 MEUR, the investment in the revitalization of HPP “Bajina Basta” is more than justified. It should not be forgotten reducing of maintenance costs over the next 10 years, extension of HPP working life for the next 30 years. By the revitalization we get better aggregates’ characteristics, bigger production and power. We also expect that this revitalization will increase annual production for about 70 million kilowatt – hours, depending on hydrology. It is important to note that after 14th September the fourth unit goes to the guarantee period, so that in September 2014th we will have  all guarantee tests and checks, so it will be confirmed all indicators of rejuvenation done in HPP “Bajina Basta.”

What does happen with the modernization?

In late July it was signed a contract, worth 63.7MEUR, with the WORK contractor of HPP “Zvornik” revitalization. It should be noted that the contractor “Voith Hydro “, who got the job, also in the past had installed two turbines. After rehabilitation, the “Zvornik ” power will be increased by 30 percent from the current 96 megawatts. The power of each of the four units will be increased for 7.4 megawatts, from 24 to 31.4 megawatts. Upon completion of modernization, “Zvornik” will get a new 29.6 megawatts, which is bigger than an additional fifth unit has been installed. Now it is necessary to make all the preparations in order that also start works on the site in 2015th. It is necessary to install the physical aggregate model, or to make a turbine 10 or 12 times less, and to determine and verify the characteristics of the new aggregate. It is necessary to examine the power, the degree of usefulness, and then make a prototype. The revitalization of “Zvornik” we have started a year ago. We dug the bed and we got decline, and on that basis was also obtained higher production. We have built an annex on the right bank of the dam, which will be ready for the equipment installation, and for the management and this will be command room of the modernized HPP. If the rehabilitation of the first unit we start in 2015th, the entire job will be finished in 2019th.

What is about the reversable HPP “Bistrica “?
Project of the HPP “Bistrica” construction is one of the state’s priorities and this is very important. The EC “Drina – Lim HPPs” has finished its job. We have prepared the documentation and innovated the documents that earlier were prepared. The construction of reversible “Bistrica” should not last long, but all the preparatory activities, starting with the road construction and furthermore, last quiet long. It is important that the property-legal affairs are not too complex problem for this capacity construction, because there are not many homes and residents in that area, so there would be no mass relocation. Reversible HPP “Bistrica” would be a significant capacity not only for Serbia, but for the region. Because it has to do with the energy amounts for reserves, balancing.  The lakes Kokin Brod and Uvac would be behind RHPP “Bistrica” and thus every water drop would be used. The energy should gain the most, because reversible HPP is a jewel that should be exploited.

It seems that modernizations were the only way out when EPS was not able to invest alone in new power plants building!?
Rehabilitation of HPP “Bajina Basta” is the best example. For an investment of 77 MEUR it was taken 30 million of loan and EPS provided 47 million and it has already paid its share. We even repaid about 10 MEUR of loan for the short time. We got 52 new megawatts for 77MEUR. Since we expect that investments in maintenance would be lower, the money that used to be investing in maintenance will be invested in other projects.

Source; Serbia Energy/ EPS Kwh


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