Serbia will not cause problems in the implementation of the “Upper Drina”

, SEE Energy News

Prime Minister of the Republic Srpska, Aleksandar Džombić said that Serbia will not create problems in the implementation of the project of hydropower system “Upper Drina” by RS government and German company “RWE”, and that the RS government will take over the feasibility study into which “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” invested 500,000 Euros.

Džombić noted that there is no reason why this project should be considered by the Council of Ministers, because it is under the authority of RS Government.

“When it comes to the institutions of Montenegro, I invited the country’s Prime Minister Igor Luksic to examine the complete documentation and to make sure that there is no impact on the environment in Montenegro,” said Džombić to journalists in Banja Luka.

He noted that there will be no privatization of “Electric Power Industry of Republic Srpska”, because in the joint venture the concession was agreed for 30 years, after which period the hydro power plants will be the property of Republic Srpska.

The “Upper Drina” project, regarding which the contract with the German company “RWE” was signed at the end of September, as the reduced version of the former giant system “Buk – Bijela” includes the construction of four hydropower plants on the territory of Foca, in which German companies have a 60 percent stake, and 40 percent will belong to the Republic Srpska.

Srpska Prime Minister said that “Komsar energy” has the cash to build a third block in the thermal power plant “Ugljevik”.

700 million Euros will be invested into the construction of thermal power plant “Ugljevik 3” with 600 MW power, which is expected to start operating in February 2013.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine